Michael Park

Studio Policy

Piano Studio Policies
Updated May 25, 2020

Current Teaching Rates:
$70/hour, $55/45-minutes, $40/30-minutes


During and After COVID-19

Online vs. In-Person Lessons

Musical Expectations


It is best to assume that there will be another student’s lesson before and after your own. Students are welcomed to arrive a few minutes early and/or stay a few minutes after their lesson in order to quietly observe what other students are learning and how their lessons differ from their own. Parents of young students are advised that the teacher is not responsible for students outside of the scheduled lesson time.

Lessons will not be extended to accommodate student tardiness; however the teacher will assure that each student receives their full scheduled time if the tardiness is the fault of the teacher. 

Regularity of Lessons

Commitment to regular, weekly lessons is essential to the student’s musical growth. As the teacher relies on this income, piano lessons should also be considered a business agreement to attend the 4 (in some cases 5) weekly lessons each month.



Regular practice is vital to learning piano, and daily practice is highly recommended. Individual practice expectations will be clearly defined at lessons, and it is expected that the student will adhere to those guidelines.


Non-Musical Expectations


24 hours notice is required for any cancelation. The teacher will be make all reasonable efforts to arrange a make-up lesson within the month for lessons canceled with sufficient notice.
Monthly invoiced students are eligible for credit on the following month's invoice, but such credit is limited to one lesson per non-consecutive month.
Missed lessons or those canceled with less than 24-hours notice are 
not subject to make-up or credit.


Vacations and Holidays

Lessons are taught throughout the year, with no set summer break. With that said, it is understood that both teacher and students will need time off. Any break from lessons more substantial than a single lesson requires a full month’s notice before the beginning of the affected month (ex. a vacation for the last three weeks of July should be reported before June 1st).

Failure to provide such notice will result in treating vacations as missed lessons. Students will not be billed for any lessons missed due to teacher travel or vacation.

It is advisable that no student miss more than one month of lessons in a row, nor more than two months of lessons throughout the year.

As my teaching days are prominently effected by statutory holidays, I teach on and invoice for all holidays with the exception of Christmas and Labour Day. Holiday cancelations do not count towards monthly limits provided advanced notice is given. Without notice, missed holiday lessons are treated as normal cancelations.


Paper Work

Invoices will be sent out in the last week of the previous month. Invoices should be reviewed thoroughly at this time so that any necessary changes can be made before payment is due. Payment is to be made at the first lesson of each month by cash, check, or Interac e-transfer. Cheques can be made out to Michael Park, and e-payments can be sent to michael@michaelpark.ca.


Beginning and Termination of Lesson Commitment

A trial period of one month is in effect for all new students during which time, both teacher and student (parent) are expected to evaluate the success of the teacher-student pairing with no obligation. The trial period ends with the payment of the first invoice dated no less than one month after the first lesson. After the trial period, both parties agree to all terms contained within these Piano Studio Policies.
One month's notice and payment are required for termination of lessons, regardless of whether or not those lessons are attended.


Any questions or concerns can be communicated directly to the teacher by phone or email.